After mechamato, what they voice over the voicing before?

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After mechamato, what they voice over the voicing before?

KUTUBUKUKARTUN – Mechamato, an animation made by Animonsta Studios who also made Boboiboy, and also the prequel of Boboiboy, is now airing at Cartoon Network for 10 episodes. And it currently aired on English. In the midst of this show, an English dubbers is now revealed at Mechamato’s Twitter. They’re all from Miami and working for the English dub of Cartoon Network. Below the list of the voice casts are such:

  1. Alexander Machado as Amato.

This Miami guy who is a professional voice talent of every TV show, was trusted by Cartoon Network to voice Amato, the most powerful protagonist of Mechamato who could save the city from being endangered by some evil robots, along with his sidekick Mechabot.

Before Alexander first time in voice over after he voicing Bread man as side kick in New Anpaman Anime, this is second chance he back voice protagonis as Boboiboy dad Amato.

2. Alex DeShera as Mechabot.

This honored, respectable and experienced man always identical to voice robots like Mechabot, the sidekick of his wielder Amato, which he could mix with Amato and other tools and objects became an Armored Hero called Mechamato!

Alex was working tv and radio become naration and Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese in 20 years, he voice english dub anime like Onihei as supporting role, Gomez in Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World and also Portuguese dub for chef in South Park.

3. Katherine Clare as Mara and Pian.

Who say that voice casts can’t voice two characters together? This girl prove to Cartoon Network that she could do that. She voiced Mara and Pian both, which Pian is a very huge comical boy which he was the 2nd hand of Amato who could help him to assist Amato while doing missions. Meanwhile, Mara is a smart and clever handicapped girl who could also assist Amato and Mechabot of being a part of the ‘superhero’ troops

Katherine Clare Famous as fandubber who can you follow on youtube kaerinasai in also Pony Tsunotori in My Hero Academia, is not first time she taking double role, in Korean Animated show like Hello jadoo she voice Minji & Eunhui.

4. Daniel Cortes as Deep

He voiced an another buddy of Amato who is an Indian-ethnic guy who is really excited of every Amato’s missions. Deep could also involved of doing Amato and Mechabot’s missions.

As youtuber and animator, he can take more voice actor in miami city like rudy in heidi france season 2 Cg show, Indonesia animated movie Kiko in the Deep Sea as jeff and ninjin as ninjin.

This show was take recording at dubbing studio in Miami.

So, how do you think about these four voice actors who do the English version of Mechamato?

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