Catching the Art Thief / Mechamato Review Episode 7

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Catching the Art Thief / Mechamato Review Episode 7

Episode 7 – Saturday, December 25, 2021 14.00

One of the kindergartens in the Hilir City was shocked by the disappearance of the pictures belonging to kindergarten students that a teacher had prepared for his students on the kindergarten class learning board. They finally wept bitterly because they lost their joy through art that could make them happy, which besides that they also had drawn it. Amato and Mechabot then find out who stole the images.

Known by Amato and Mechabot, the image-stealing robot is Paint-a-so, a wizard-like robot with a palm fiber broom. Amato and Mechabot then try to stop and attack Paint-a-so with the power of their Mechanize Mechamato, but unfortunately, Paint-a-so destroys the entire class so that it becomes a mess, and to make matters worse, one kindergartner is kidnapped by Paint-a-so. as well as Amato and Pian’s school project drawing which was stolen by Paint-a-so.

As a consequence Amato and Pian end up getting poor marks by Mr Jamie for not submitting their schoolwork, and instead he appreciates Deep for working on it and submitting it on time, making Amato jealous. Amato, Mechabot and their friends then set off to find Paint-a-so using a tracking device from his cell phone. Apparently Paint-a-so was in a warehouse where he was collecting art that he had stolen a lot.

Amato and Mechabot then fight Paint-a-so using a Mecha-Roller (using a barrel cap) and attack him, whereupon Paint-a-so responds with a colorful spray of paint so the whole warehouse is a mess. After a long fight, Paint-a-so finally lost where Mechamato sprayed it with colorful paints so that it made his clothes colorful. But that didn’t make Paint-a-so discouraged and he was proud of his new costume and appearance. Amato then put it into the robot collection on his cellphone and then returned some of the stolen art Paint-a-so to its owner including the Hilir City Kindergarten children, making them rejoice over the return of their drawings.

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