Sonix, The Robot with the Loud Voice / Mechamato Review Episode 8

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Sonix, The Robot with the Loud Voice / Mechamato Review Episode 8

Episode 8 – Sunday, December 26 14.00

Almost every night, Amato can’t concentrate on studying to prepare for school exams because of a robot that sings loudly in a playground, even making Amato unable to sleep and rest peacefully. So he and Mechabot tried to find out where the sound was coming from.

Apparently it turns out that the robot is called Sonix, a robot who has a hobby of singing, and not only singing but also dialogue with singing, with a very loud voice. Even though he managed to fight with Sonix, the results were meaningless and even cost Amato himself because he fought with Sonix until morning. However, as it turned out, Sonix’s singing also affected not only Amato’s rest and study, but also others including Pian, Mara and Deep, as well as Mr. Jamie himself.

Then, Amato, Mechabot and their friends got an idea and they staged a rap battle to get Sonix’s attention. The Rap Battle involved Pian as ‘Mastah P’ and Deep as ‘Baby Deep’.

Sonix who saw the Rap Battle performance also did not lose and wanted to try a ‘rap battle’ too. However, Sonix’s rap turned out to be stronger than Mastah P and Baby Deep and almost destroyed the stage as well. However, Mara outsmarted him with a ‘voice’, by giving Sonix a beautiful song.

Sonix who was ‘touched’ by Mara’s golden voice, also wanted to try to contribute a golden voice too, but he seemed embarrassed to show it in front of the audience, especially Amato and Mechabot. Pian then tried to analyze what was wrong with Sonix.

Apparently, Pian find out that Sonix’s voice box was damaged causing him to sing and dialogue loudly. Pian then replaced his voice box and finally the Sonix voice was normal even though the sound box was plugged in the wrong way. Sonix is ​​happy that he has a normal voice.

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